• February 14th, 2018
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Characteristics of Leadership

Characteristics of leadership vary with individual leaders, thus making defining leadership a little hard.  It is said that leadership characteristics are inborn and cannot be made, Some say that leaders are not born, they are made, all in all leaders can be mold. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Good and effective leaders believe in actions rather than words. In order to be a leader the first quality, what one must possess is good character, a true leader emerges in times of adversities and guides his followers to the goal safely. We come across leaders in all walks of life like politics, any career, spirituality, sports etc.

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Characteristics of Leadership Characteristics of Leadership


Characteristics of Leadership: Good Leadership Characteristics

Every good leader, in any aspect he is in, shows certain characteristics and strategies in common. Leadership skills do not come overnight, hard work, determination must be put in to it n order to achieve success in all undertakings

Listed below are some of the leadership qualities of a good leader:

  • Confidence: A confident leader is aware of his shortcomings and always maintains his calm, even during emergency situations. For any person to be deemed a good leader confidence must always be embedded in them. A good leader must not be hesitant in taking decisions, which may be popular or unpopular.
  • Communication Skills: A good leader is one who speaks and his directives are followed.

A leader is one who knows how to communicate properly with his people, a leader is one who asks and answers questions as directed to him.

  • Decision-Making: A good leader must know how to take decisions in a matter of a second and must be quick in making proper decisions when the time arises. He must also know how to implement the decision and see that it works and is well received by his team members.

Characteristics of Leadership on Effective Leadership Characteristics

Characteristics of leadership entails that an effective leader is one who learns and practices the leadership traits. To be an effective leader, one must posses certain qualities that set you apart from the rest of the people you intend to lead. Below are some effective characteristics of leadership.

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  • Vision to Achieve the Goal: A leader with a vision will effectively guide his followers to achieve success. A leader with effective leadership abilities must have a perfect vision and goal of what he expects his team to do.
  • Integrity: Additional characteristic of an effective leader is integrity. He must be trustworthy and reliable and must set an example before his followers. He also should possess the courage to move ahead and do what is correct, no matter what the circumstances will be.

Characteristics of Leadership on What Makes a Leader

One must possess the traits of a good leader in order to be successful in this rat race of organizations wherein every unit is busy hunting each and every possible way to be the leader of the market.

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What makes a leader is his typical leadership style and his qualities, Acquiring necessary leadership traits and characteristics will certainly get people following you, Leadership qualities are something that every employer looks for in an employee.

And these are some characteristics of leadership.




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