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Change Management Strategy

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Change Management Strategy is a document that  outlines the things that the management needs to put in place as part of its change strategy. A Change Management Strategy defines the approach that is needed to manage the change in a given situation given the nature of the project. Business Training in Kenya  has more articles.

Elements of Change Management Strategy

One element of Change Management Strategy is Situation awareness. This element  requires that the given change to be implemented be well understood and the persons whom it will impact to be also understood and considered accordingly

The second element of Change Management Strategy is Supporting structure. This element deals with  the composition of the team and the sponsor elements of the given project

The  third element of Change Management Strategy is Strategy analysis. Strategy analysis includes such elements as ensuring that one has adequate means of dealing with risks. The organization should put up special ways of dealing with any risks that might come up.

Importance of Change Management Strategy

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Change Management Strategy

Change Management Strategy is used when one company wants to do a merger to aid in expansion.

A Change Management Strategy also helps in relocation of office space, releasing a new product, implementing a new web product,

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While each of the initiatives needs change management to be successful, the right amount and approach for change management will be different.

Components of Change Management Strategy

Situational awareness: It includes Change characteristics that require one to clearly understand the elements of the change yet to be implemented considering all elements are not timing, then get to understand the organizational structure. This entails examination of the organization’s culture and its history. Analyze them before putting the change in place, finally communicate and train those who will be affected by the change and ensure that they are well with the change

Supporting structure: It talks about the team structure that is who are the persons responsible for doing the change management work, it also talks about the managers and the leaders that need to take part in the project of change. This is referred to as sponsorship coalition

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Strategy analysis: Strategy analysis talks about risk assessment, anticipated resistance and special tactics which is usually the final step in a Change Management Strategy

The importance of formulating a change management strategy is that it provides a direction for implementing the change and helps in making informed decisions and it also helps in the formulation of the whole change management plan

Tools for Applying Change Management Strategy

Change management certification, change management tool kit, change management guide for managers and supervisors, change management pilot, change management professional and an employee survival guide

Conclusion on Change Management Strategy

Change is very good for everyone but normally experiences some resistance during implementation. Change Management Strategy should therefore be put in place especially in organizations to help organizations adapt positively to the necessary changes. Change Management Strategy should be as cost effective as possible

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