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Challenges Facing Human Resource Management in Kenya

Challenges Facing Human Resource Management in Kenya Today

Human Resource Management in Kenya is an arising component of Business Training that needs to be embraced by all cooperate associations and organizations for the success of their businesses. In the course of my normal work in Business Training in Kenya I  came across this information.

Human Resource Management in Kenya Challenges

 Challenges Facing Human Resource Management in Kenya  Human Resource Management in Kenya has been faced with many challenges that hinder its development. They include;

  • Change Management,
  • Leadership Development,
  • Compensation,
  • Bureaucracy,
  • Managing Diversity and
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Change Management

As mentioned above change management is one of the challenges affecting Human Resource Management today. This represents a particular challenge for personnel management staff, as this expertise has generally not been a consistent area of focus for training and development of Human Resource professionals. An intensified focus on training may be needed to develop added competencies to deal with change management.

Leadership Development

A second challenge affecting Human Resource Management in Kenya today is leadership development. Human Resource professionals continue to wrestle with understanding the best ways to keep people in the pipeline and develop leaders for future succession planning. They are required to provide the essential frameworks, processes, tools, and points of view needed for the selection and development of future leaders, and that managers they produce in the long run are equipped to take on leadership roles of the future so that the organization is viable in the long term.



Human Resource Management in Kenya faces a third challenge referred to as compensation. Compensation is one of the key issues since it involves outsourcing and cost of retirement benefits which can be very expensive, the invention of new systems for human capital management and global competition in which attracting and retaining key employees became increasingly important



A fourth challenge facing Human Resource Management in Kenya is bureaucracy. Bureaucracy can also be a problem, presenting “the need to consider doing things differently in order to eliminate bottlenecks and red tape.


Managing Diversity

Managing diversity comes as a sixth challenge. In the local context there is an enormous challenge in a fast-changing technological and economically liberalised environment.


Organizational Effectiveness


Last but not least is organizational effectiveness. This entails being expert in the way work is organized and executed, delivering administrative efficiency to ensure that costs are reduced while quality is maintained. This can prove to be a challenge especially to inexperienced managers.


Conclusion and Recommendations on Human Resource Management in Kenya


Due to the combination of a large proportion of the work force ailing and the introduction of new industries and businesses which require local talent who are currently not trained to meet those needs, there is a vacuum for HR professionals to fill.


HR professionals need to focus on developing supervisors into ‘people managers,’ not just technical specialists.”

Transforming the business from a product focus to a customer interface focus.


Engaging senior management in leadership development philosophy and practice.

Retaining knowledge held by retiring workers, and ensuring sufficient time to train successors.”


And thus the challenges of Human Resource Management in Kenya

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