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Business Mathematics Worktext

Business Mathematics Worktext is a well written applied mathematics books for the business field that will help a student to solve mathematics related problems. The book has also included computer database or spreadsheet exercises that are helpful in understanding and solving the daily business issues or problems. The book Business Mathematics Worktext is useful in the algebra based business subjects offered in the technical schools, college level and in the universities. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Business Mathematics Worktext Business Mathematics Worktext

Business Mathematics Worktext

All About The Business Mathematics Worktext

The Business Mathematics Worktext book was written by Esther Harris Highland of city university of New York and Charles Peselnick of Devry institute of technology. The book was published in the year 1999 by prentice hall publishers of New Jersey. There are well structures and well written 720 pages. The book is written in English to suit the majority world student. The book ISBN-10 is 013040103X and the ISBN-13 is 9780130401038.

Business Mathematics Worktext has two editions. The Business Mathematics Worktext edition one book has three authors who include Esther Harris, Roberta Rosenbaum and Charles Peselnick. The publishers are the same as for the second edition although the year of publication is 1998. The ISBN-10 is 0136021115. The second edition of Business Mathematics Worktext is an advancement of the first edition with some information mostly on computer being upgraded. For example, the computer spreadsheet in the second edition are using the Microsoft excel instead of Lotus 1-2-3. The information on tax has also been upgraded with the new tax rates.

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Features of Business Mathematics Worktext

The new edition of the Business Mathematics Worktext provides a practical learning and an advanced or modern coverage of mathematical topics that are necessary in the current business world. The business world has changed with the use of technology such as computer to run or operate the businesses. Some of the common features in the Business Mathematics Worktext new edition are;

  • Microsoft excel computer spreadsheet exercises, which give students the understanding of the industry software
  • Answers for computer spreadsheet exercises
  • Updated data on the changed law and the new tax rate, which updates the student on the business events
  • Expanded test yourself part that helps the student to understand more the chapter that he or she has already read.

Benefits Of Getting The Business Mathematics Worktext

Business Mathematics Worktext has the modern information that helps the readers to have a rational and a careful approach to the many challenges or issues facing businesses in the modern world. The book has calculation hints that show students how to solve various problems using different features found in the calculator. Besides there are spaces left after each problem, which allows the student to exercise their topic understanding by completing the calculation.

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Business Mathematics Worktext has a section that has the stock and bonds tables, real world financial applications, new and revised business problems that are useful for any person including the employees in accounting, taxation, insurance, finance and many others.

Conclusion in Business Mathematics Worktext

Business Mathematics Worktext edition two is a book useful in applied mathematics for business courses. The book is important in solving problems that occur in the modern business world that involve use of computers. The book has up-to-date information, exercises to complete and calculator hints that engage the student in practical problem solving. For students and employees who require mathematics to solve business problems, I will recommend that you get the Business Mathematics Worktext

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