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Business Mathematics

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Business Mathematics book is written by William Kindsfather and Alton Parish. The book covers the mathematics concepts that are widely used in the business world to solve various business problems. The book is good because it does not only expand knowledge on various mathematical business models, but also shows the application of those mathematical models. Business Mathematics is among the top books in the applied mathematics for business use because of the much information it contains that is used by many employees. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Business Mathematics Business Mathematics

Business Mathematics

About the Business Mathematics book

The book of Business Mathematics was written by professional authors, William Kindsfather who is a professor of marketing in Tarrant county college and Alton Parish a professor of economics in the same college as Kindsfather. The two have joined hands to write this book, which is very important for business courses because of the high mathematical usage in the concerned subjects.

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Business Mathematics book was published in August 14, 2002 by prentice hall publishers. The book contains 912 pages. The book ISBN-10 is 0130866997 and the ISBN-13 is 978-0130866998.

The Areas Covered By The Book Of Business Mathematics

The Business Mathematics has the various mathematics concepts. The book gives the application of these concepts and explains how the mathematics models are useful in various business areas such as economics and business administration. The book gives a notion that the student will understand mathematics fast if he or she begins by understanding how mathematics knowledge is used in business.

The Business Mathematics book gives the student an understanding to the areas in business, accounting, business management, finance and economics. In every chapter of the book,  ensures there is the chapter objectives, chapter glossary, chapter vignette, explanations of various business-mathematical problems, examples and solutions to various business problems, practice and solutions to the practice examples and a quick summary on the what has been covered in that topic. Additionally, the book chapters has extra exercise for the student because in the topics there is chapter review problems, calculator practice questions, enrichment questions, group projects that require critical thinking in order to get the answers, self-evaluation exercises and excel spreadsheet business applications.

All the chapter features of this book are put to ensure that the student get a deeper understanding of the mathematics-business concepts and be able to solve the real life problems.

Users of The Business Mathematics Book

The Business Mathematics covers all mathematical concepts that are used in various business related subjects and topics. Therefore, the book is preferred by various business students and employees working in various business sectors.

The book has fundamental mathematics for business operation, which is commonly used for employee payroll and in commodity trading, banking and business finance, which evaluate the use of accounts, methods of interest calculation, credit purchases and mortgages.  The book also looks at the book keeping, business operating tools such as statistics, world currencies and graphs and other business information useful to economists, administrators, accountants and corporate works.

Conclusion in Business Mathematics

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Business Mathematics is a useful book in for applied mathematics for business courses. The book is covers wide areas of business including the book keeping, business management and other important areas. The book is well written with enough mathematics models, examples, exercises and student group projects, which help the book users to have a better understanding of the business problems. Various business oriented people such as accountants, economists and administrators use this book of Business Mathematics.

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