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AXA Canada

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AXA Canada is situated in Canada. The insurance company has a broad experience in giving insurance cover both for liability and personal policies. The main objective of AXA Canada is to provide financial solutions and competitive insurance covers for the satisfaction its customers. AXA Canada offers insurance policies such as home, business and life insurance. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

AXA Canada AXA Canada

AXA Canada

AXA Canada: Life Insurance

AXA Canada offers various life insurance covers. One of the life insurance types is called the life insurance term life. This particular life cover gives a full life protection to a person and the people close to him or her for 10 to 20 years period of time until a person turns 70 years. Benefits under this term of life policy can be received at a time of death or when the covered period ends. One is able to turn this type of life insurance to permanent life insurance.

Life insurance permanent life is a whole life cover policy. The cover is a guarantee for life. When a person gets covered under this type of life insurance, the person is protected for life regardless of the medical health status of the person. There are also several products offered under the same cover. A client covered under this policy are given a flexibility term to pay their premiums.

AXA Canada also has a life insurance product called life and savings combined. This is a single cover that attract to tax free capital. s. There are two major universal life plans which include the universal life protection, which is offered to suit young families, and business people who have their own enterprise and universal life investment which is for baby boomers.

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AXA Canada: Home Insurance

AXA Canada offers a cover for the home owners and the property that one might have in the house. Home insurance covers also buildings and anything that is of value to the home owner. Building insurance offered by AXA Canada gives the client maximum protection and an affordable price.

The main building protection includes damage by fire, flood, storm or burglary. Moreover, the company gives legal advice which is available in a special helpline. A client with a building insurance also receives a at no cost garden cover. A customer is allowed to choose from several policies that are of more interest to him or her.

AXA Canada: Business Insurance

With the AXA Canada it is possible to cover your enterprise under the business insurance. There are several business covers offered by the company namely;

  1. Professional indemnity cover which protects the business from any negative claims made by its customer.
  2. Public liability policy is a cover for your business from any accidental property damage that might be caused by another party not attached to the business
  3. Employers liability cover protects the business from any loss that may be caused by its workers
  4. Start up insurance favor newly established enterprises
  5. Sole trader cover
  6. Small business cover which is an insurance for up to eight people business
  7. Working from home cover which protects workers who do their job from home

Conclusion in AXA Canada

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AXA Canada is a well established insurance company that is aimed at satisfying its customers. There are several insurance covers offered by the company, which include business, home and life insurance. A customer will always get not only competitive and quality insurance services, but also affordable covers from AXA Canada.



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