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Applied Finite Mathematics

The Applied Finite Mathematics text book is a unique one. It has numerous pages, is practical oriented, gives a contemporary approach to mathematical problems and has features that won’t be found in other books out there. It is ideal for any student of economics, business or social sciences. It has been found to motivate learning. It is a rare book to come by but despite this, its price has been lowered. Whether used by a student or an instructor, it is a helpful tool for both. This article captures all the details about it and it will be critical to go through it especially for someone who is looking for the best text on Finite mathematics. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Applied Finite Mathematics Applied Finite Mathematics

Applied Finite Mathematics

Authorship, Price and Shipping for the Applied Finite Mathematics Book

The textbook on Applied Finite Mathematics has been authored by Edmond C. Tomastik. The book’s initial price used to be 235.95 dollars. However, lately, it goes at 201.10 dollars at Amazon.com. By purchasing it at this price, you save about 34.85 dollars which is about 15%. It is shipped for free from the store to the customer’s destination through super saver shipping.  There is only one copy for the Applied Finite mathematics book left in the store. More copies will be coming soon. This should therefore make any willing buyer to make an order as soon as possible. The shipping can be done within day for buyers but can take up to two days for students. Nonetheless, in both cases, shipping is done freely.

Description for the Applied Finite Mathematics Textbook

This textbook is very suitable for a course that can last for one semester. It is useful for students pursuing a course in life sciences, social sciences, business and economics. This book will be of great benefit both to students who major in business and to those who do not. This is because the Applied Finite Mathematics text comprises of very profound practical examples and real life situations for both the groups.

Through the way content information in the text has been presented, the student will be motivated to learn. This is because it blends conceptual mathematics together with contemporary life situations, making the learning experience real. Besides, the Applied Finite Mathematics is class-tested and features other vital aspects such as instructor aids, pedagogic tools, graphic calculator problems and self – help exercises.

The Outstanding Content Features and Product Review for Applied Finite Mathematics

There are several features that are vividly captured in this book. First, most of the sections start with a practical applied mathematical problem, put across in simple terminology. This is expressed throughout all mathematics sections with relevant examples and is eventually solved after the development of the required mathematical concepts.

Second, there is an exceptional systematic and procedural explanation for converting the word problems into the required mathematical formulas that can be easily solved. Third, before any set exercise, we have self – help exercises that are meant to prepare students and make them confident for the actual exercises.

Third, at the end of appropriate sections, there are optional graphic calculator exercises. Appendices have been added to support them and make students familiar with their calculations besides providing them with relevant programs.  The fourth feature is the way in which probability has been presented. It has been put across as a natural phenomenon not only in business, but also in science.

The development and derivation of abstract definition of probability is developed from empirical probability. This leads to very practical information in probability and statistics. Moreover, the Applied Finite Mathematics text has a very unique section: chapter 11. It extensively covers dynamic systems while putting an emphasis on qualitative behaviour and mathematical modelling. Both nonlinear logistic equations and linear equations are addressed in this book. The pedagogical aspects covered in this book include theorem, historical comments, definition, warnings, procedure papers and brief chapter reviews.

The product details of this text are as follows. The book is 912 pages. It was published by Brookes Cole, in 1994 as a first edition in English. Its ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 are 0030972582 and 0030972587 respectively. It dimensions are 9.5 X 8.3 X 1.4 inches. It has a shipping weight of 3.5 pounds. The Amazon best seller rank for the book is number 1, 040, 363 in books. Definitely, with all these features, the right book to go for is Applied Finite Mathematics.

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