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Advertising in Kenya

Advertising in Kenya

Advertising in Kenya is a method of attracting candidates to certain jobs that they might find interesting. The advertisements should be able to complete for the interest of potential candidates against other employees. They should also be communicated in attractive way, information about the job, the company terms and conditions of employment and qualifications required. Advertising in Kenya should prompt action that means the message needs to be communicated in a manner that will not only focus on people’s eyes but also encourages them to read to the end.



Advertising in Kenya1 Advertising in KenyaAnalysis of Requirements of a good Advertising in Kenya

  1. It is necessary to establish how many jobs have to be filled and by when then turn to the job description and the persons specification to obtain info on responsibilities, qualifications and experience required.
  2. Consider where suitable candidates are likely to come from example from companies or educational establishment and the part of the country they can be found.
  3. Define the terms and conditions of the job also consider what might put off the candidates example location of the job by analyzing previous successes or failures to establish what does or doesn’t work.

Steps for choosing an advertising agency

Check the experience in handling recruitment adverts

See the examples of its work

Check with clients on the level of services provided

Meet the staff who will work on the advertisement

Check the charges of the advert


Key components of an advert

Start with a compelling headline

Introduce the organization

Give background of the job

Give qualifications and experiences required to perform the job

Mention salary and benefits offered for the position

Location of company

Types of advertising in Kenya

There are three types of advertising in Kenya

  • Classified advertisements
  • Classified-semi display advertisements
  • Full display advertisement

Classified or run on adverts

These types of advertisements don’t have photographs or identification.  Are cheap and suitable for junior and routine jobs.

Classified-semi display

In these types of advertisements headings are set in capitals and wide space is allowed to run around the advert.

Full display

These types of advertisements are bordered adverts, where illustrations can be used. Are expensive but makes impact for managerial and professional jobs.

Planning the media

An advertising agency can advise on the choice of media example; on the newspaper, radio, television and its related cost. The quality of the papers should not be compromised. Good quality paper is best for managerial and professional position. Popular prize paper is best for sales reps and technicians.  Local papers are best for office staff.

N/B: avoid Saturday papers and be cautious in repeating adverts in the same paper since diminishing returns can set in rapidly.

More information can be found in Business Training in Kenya

What makes Advertising in Kenya Successful

Analyze the perception of the employees and potential audience. If they have a positive perception about the advert then it is successful.

Get the views of the employee manager

To have a successful advert one must have a unique selling proposition like the position will attract the following benefits example car, house. This will definitely attract candidates for the job.

Careful presentation of information about the job so that the candidates will understand the advert well.

Ensure that core information is included example; experience needed, academic qualifications etc.

Project realistic picture of the job to enable candidates have a mental picture.

Develop an employer brand for example the organization’s positive aspects e.g. it is the leading organization in its particular industry.

Consider the cost of the advert enables one to find a media that suits the budget of your organization.

Select agency that fits organization culture, goals and values.

Don’t discriminate in terms of gender, religion. It shows that you are a diverse organization.

Monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement i.e. how many applicants have applied when attract an employees from another company when you attract people from other diversities i.e. from far.

All these methods clearly illustrate that Advertising in Kenya can be successful.

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