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Advertising in Kenya

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  Advertising in Kenya is a method of attracting candidates by different organizations to apply for jobs they might be interested in. Our article in Business Training in Kenya refers.

Objectives of Advertising in Kenya

The first objective of Advertising in Kenya is to attract attention. That means the advert must complete for the interest of potential candidates against other employees.

Advertising in Kenya must also create and maintain interest. The advert should be communicated in attractive way. The information should also include the job the company terms and conditions of employment and qualifications required.

Advertising in Kenya should also stimulate action. The message needs to be communicated in a manner that will not only focus on people’s eyes but also encourages them to read to the end.

468x60 001   Advertising in Kenya

468x60 001   Advertising in Kenya

   Advertising in KenyaSteps to analyze if Advertising in Kenya successful

  • The first step to take in analyzing whether Advertising in Kenya is successful is getting the opinion and afterwards analyzing the perception of the employees and potential audience.
  • The second step to take in analyzing the success of Advertising in Kenya getting the views of the employee manager. When he or she is positive about the recruitment then it shows that it is a good step.
  • Have a unique selling proposition when advertising for the job. Example is that the position will attract the following benefits e.g. car, house. This will definitely attract more candidates for the company to choose from.
  • The fourth step in Advertising in Kenya is that there should be careful presentation of information about the job to avoid misleading interested candidates. This will enhance a smooth understanding between the company and the candidate.
  • Ensure that core information is included in the advert i.e. experience. This aids Recruitment Advertisement.
  • Another step in Advertising in Kenya is to project realistic picture of the job to avoid confusion by the candidates who apply for the job.
  • Recruitment Advertisement should stimulate the development of an employer brand i.e. the organization positive aspects.
  • Advertising in Kenya should also consider the cost of the advert enables one to find a media that suits the budget of the company.
  • Any company seeking for Recruitment Advertisement should select an agency that fits organization culture, goals and values
  • Advertising in Kenya should never discriminate in terms of gender, religion. It should never be gender biased.
  • One should also monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement i.e. how many applicants have applied, when attract an employee from another company or when you attract people from other diversities.

Conclusion on Advertising in Kenya

Advertising in Kenya is very efficient when implemented well and can lead to improvement of an organizations workforce.

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