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Stages of Development of Human Resources

Stages of Development of Human Resources since its invention and when the discoverers of Human Resource Management knew of its importance have evolved through many stages and development to get where it is today. There are the stages of Development of Human Resource Management that it has undergone through.

Stages of Development of Human Resources

1st of the Stages of Development of Human Resources

The first of the Stages of Development of Human Resources marked away the movement of meeting a variety of other organizational officers. Personnel officers were added more responsibilities which include; Staffing, Training and Organizational design

During the stage earliest social scientist which included F.W Taylor, Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo, M.C Gregor and  Max Webber.

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Communication Courses

Communication Courses are usually offered to students early enough at their primary level education. Communication Courses are also offered at the advances stage which is university level but at this point there are other diverse courses concerned with communication that are offered. Communication Courses is important for not only the students during the day to day interaction, but also for the students to become a good society later in their life after school. Business Training in Kenya has more information.

Communication Courses are the reasons for effective and efficient communication among individuals in the community.

The Communication Courses in primary and secondary level

Communication Courses are started to be offered right from the elementary level. When a pupil enrolls in a school, he or she is taught the communication methods. That is the student is shown on how to express him/herself, tell somebody else about something, use polite language to the people he or she is talking with and generally know how to communicate using different means. Communication Courses are also offered in the upper primary but they are taught as subjects at different primary level. Later in the secondary school, Communication Courses are also found as topics in various subjects. For instance in business studies Communication Courses is offered to train students on how to become good communicators in business if they happen to become in the future. History also has communication but the aim of having the topic in this subject is to enlighten the students on the history of communication, how it started, the means of communication used in the past and the modern way of communication. Communication Courses or training is in other secondary school subjects like social ethics. It will train and enable the students become good in communication apart from promoting their relationships among themselves.

Communication Courses offered at the higher institutions

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Marketing Qualifications

Marketing Qualifications is what is needed for one is the best marketer or the most suitable person to hire or employ in ones business to handle all marketing issues hence one has to have the best Marketing Qualifications. Marketing Qualifications is needed for one to meet the goal of making the product or service known in the market .In this competitive nature of many businesses, getting the product or service to be noticed very high Marketing Qualifications are needed. Marketing Qualifications are very crucial in marketing of any product or service. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

What are Marketing Qualifications?

Marketing Qualifications are skills acquired by either through training or by experience. Marketing Qualifications are learnt  in schools through training .You are trained in Marketing Qualifications so as when you are out in the job field you are able to compete with other marketers and eventually emerge the most ideal person in that field due to having the best Marketing Qualifications.

Marketing Qualifications, during training the Marketing Qualifications are tailored and delivered to a group of people within your organization to develop an entirely new programme for you. Marketing Qualifications however can be improved by persons’ interpersonal character. This is mostly hen extroverts are preferred over introverts Marketing Qualifications. Extroverts mostly are able to communicate with different people i.e. they are able to convey their message clearer than the introverts. Therefore strong interpersonal skills are important in Marketing Qualifications.

Interpersonal characteristics needed as Marketing Qualifications

  • Strong communication kills
  • Positive attitude
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility

Marketing Qualifications (strong communication skills)

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Communication Difficulties

Communication difficulties are those things that impede the prices of communication. They are the things that make communication to be a little bit difficult. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Examples of Causes of Communication Difficulties

There are quite a number of factors that impede communication. They include:

Network problems: In the current world communication is majorly done over the network. This type of communication relies a lot on the network. In case of any interruption of the network maybe due to bad weather or maintenance work the communication process is hampered.

Language Barrier: Language barrier is also another factor that results into communication difficulty. Language barrier is whereby the parties to a given communication process do not understand the language in which the other party is using to communicate. If the parties to a given communication process do not understand the language which the other person is speaking there becomes a difficulty in communication.

Distraction: Another thing that causes difficulty in communication is the presence of any distraction in the communication process. Distractions can be in the form of noise coming from the neighborhood, moving vehicles. This makes the receiver or sender nit to be as effective in the communication process.

Difficulties in communication can also be due to either parties to the communication not understanding the topic of discussion and is thus withdrawn from the discussion or looses interest in the topic of discussion or the speaker is not clear on the points he is delivering.

Distance: This also another fact of communication difficulty. The issue of distance is especially so for those who have to meet to discuss some issue. Distance can be an impediment in that they might not be able to travel and reach the required meeting place in time to allow for the given talk. Or they might lack the means to go to the given place or as well the transportation to the given place might be a problem

Overcoming Communication Difficulties