• September 19th, 2018
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Masters in Management Information Systems

 Masters in Management Information Systems program helps students get prepared with the management and advanced technology skills needed to become a leader and decision-maker in the technology field.

Designed precisely for those with information technology experience, the Master of Information Systems Management program focuses on effectively applying technology to achieve strategic objectives in an assortment of corporate and institutional sceneries including businesses, non-profits, and government. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Assimilating management principles and perspective into advanced technology training the degree helps students in achieving Syndicate business and technology strategies in order to lead IT and IS teams in process design, integration, and implementation.

  • September 18th, 2018
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Statistics in Business

Statistics in Business is a study of the methods used in analyzing a numerical data collected.

There are  two categories of Statistics in Business. These are statistics in singular and statistics in plural.

Statistics in Singular as a category of Statistics in Business

Statistics in singular is one category of Statistics in Business. It is the scientific study of the principles and methods applied in collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data.   Statistics as a field of study is concerned with the following activities:

  • Collection, organization, presentation, and analysis of data
  • Making inferences about a body of data when only a part of the data is observed, and
  • Interpretation and communication of the results of the first two activities

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Definition of Strategic Management

 This article deals with the Definition of Strategic Management. Strategic management has quite a number of definitions. These depend on the user of the given definition or the approach of the user of the meaning of strategic management. Here are some of the definitions of strategic management. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

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Buy a cheap, best concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Many people have been trying to get in shape with a success, while the truth is that a Rowing Machine is an excellent source for a full body workout routine that transform muscle tissue and adding energy. Rowing work out is ideal for people of all ages and it does not matter whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness fan, rowing will make stronger your muscles leading to better health and fitness.