• November 30th, 2015
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Relevance of Strategic Management

This article discusses the  Relevance of Strategic Management. Strategic management is very relevant to the  organizations. Strategic management played a different role in more predictable times after the Second World War. The strategic plans in the old days and even in the past for many organizations usually range  three to five years. Some organizations could even have plans for ten years. This is not possible today given rapid evolution of the society we are in. Business Training in Kenya has more articles. Strategic management lies in the value of planning ahead.

Relevance of Strategic Management

Strategic management actually gives the organization a direction, sense of identity and unity towards the business goal. Strategic management helps to drive the organization towards achieving its vision and its  mission. Strategic management also helps the organization in achieving its goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Strategic management processes also facilitate the development of a more complex management that is needed as firms grow bigger and bigger. Strategic management also helps the firms to communicate and to  monitor the implementation of the strategy using a system interlinked with the long term vision of the company.

  • November 30th, 2015
  • Posted by athanne

About Field Marketing Jobs

A lot of Field Marketing Jobs have a great sales focus. Their objective is to promote clients’ products and make sure that they get the correct quantity of product ordered to discourage the occurrence of out of stock circumstances. One acts as a sales consultant to his/her clients to make sure that they get the highest come back on their savings.
Field marketers are the people who determine the progress of the company. Their ability to detect potential customers, leave alone convincing them-which is also a technical task left for them to tackle, really matters to the company.

  • November 29th, 2015
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Categories of Statistics

There are two Categories of Statistics. These are statistics in singular and statistics in plural.

Statistics in Singular as one of the Categories of Statistics

Statistics in singular is one of the Categories of Statistics. It is the scientific study of the principles and methods applied in collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data.   Statistics as a field of study is concerned with the following activities:

  • Collection, organization, presentation, and analysis of data
  • Making inferences about a body of data when only a part of the data is observed, and
  • Interpretation and communication of the results of the first two activities

Statistics in Plural as one of the Categories of Statistics

Statistics in plural is one of the Categories of Statistics. Systematically collected and aggregated numerical data.  Statistical data have the following main characteristics;

  • aggregates of facts e.g. total sales in a month
  • multiplicity of causes e.g. total demand is a function of several factors
  • numerically expressed
  • enumerated or estimated according to a reasonable standards of accuracy e.g. 90% accuracy
  • collected in a systematic manner
  • collected for a predetermined purpose e.g. to determine economic growth rate
  • comparable i.e. placed in relation to each other e.g. chronological (time wise) and geographical comparisons

  • November 29th, 2015
  • Posted by athanne

Financial Information Management System

Financial Information Management System(FMIS) is always accountable for the implementation/upgrade and production support of automated systems, including People Soft Financials, which are used within the Financial Management Division, namely the offices of the Financial Controller and Procurement and Support Services in an organization.

Organizations need financial management solutions that reduce costs; shorten process cycle times; deliver timely, actionable financial information; enforce global financial standards and controls; and improve business transparency.

To be operative, financial management systems need to address the rising needs of a modern CFO—and they need to work with you to meet altering business requirements with assurance.

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