• May 26th, 2018
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Math Seminars

Math Seminars are held to bring mathematicians together for the purpose of improving math. The word seminar originally meant a meeting of scholars held with the reason of sharing and improving the knowledge or skills of the seminar participants. Seminar also means that it is a meeting that is puts all the attendees at the same level where they work face to face and intermingle as they discuss key issues or matters concerning them all instead of sitting there silently waiting for the meeting to end. Therefore Math Seminars is a meeting that math’s scholars meet in order to discuss or share key mathematics ideas; they discuss and come up with factual models or knowledge that will improve mathematics. Business Training in Kenya has more articles on the same topic.

Significance of Math Seminars

Math Seminars are held by almost all the academic institutions offering math either as a course or a department. One of the reasons for the institutions to hold Math Seminars is to make the math’s scholars work together in the improvement of mathematics models. At the Math Seminars attendees are either put into small groups of discussion with each group having some models to discuss and report or the some of the attendees are giving some presentation of the project which is later discussed by all members in the Math Seminars. At the end of the day, the participants have being engaged in a working together environment. The Math Seminars are also meant to make mathematicians confident when handling various mathematic models. At the Math Seminars every one opinion or idea counts and is taken seriously by discussing the idea and concluding on it if it can be applied in solving mathematics models. By doing that the confidence of the Math Seminars’ attendants is improved and a comfortable environment is created where participants feel free in expressing their knowledge.

Functions of the Math Seminars

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What is a Shopping Cart?

Shopping cart also refers to a virtual shopping cart it is a software program that when integrated into your web store enables customer to choose one or more items from the web store, specify particular option that might be available and then purchase those items.

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Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management is written by Grace Wever. It costs $150 at Amazon.com. The book is written for environment managers to enable them apply techniques to have sustainable environmental management. It provides the practical tools necessary for successful implementation of TQEM and how results can be determined through assessment and improving of programs, and bench marking the progress of other processes. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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What is a firewall?

The following is information about Firewall, how it works and protects our computer system from outside interference /invaders.

Definition of a Firewall

Firewall is defined as a linkage in a network which relays only those data packet that are clearly intended for and authorised to reach a certain network. They are helpful in computer safe from intentional attackers

Firewall is a program or a hardware device that filters the incoming packets of the information or blocks them.