• June 29th, 2016
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Leadership Development Plan

This article will deal with the Leadership Development PlanComing from a managerial position and stepping into a leadership position needs someone who has created a personal leadership development plan clearly stating his vision, mission and goal in order for the leadership development plan to take foot. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Transitioning from being a boss or a manager to a true leader is a process of self contemplation, planning and execution. A leader is the one who leads from the front, sets the standards and earns the respect of his followers through his standard visualization and actions.

  • June 28th, 2016
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Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is a branch of pure math’s that is applicable in other subjects or field to help solve certain real problems. Applied Mathematics consists of mathematical techniques and models most of them from pure maths. Some of the areas of pure math’s still used in Applied Mathematics are algebraic topology, statistics, probability and other skills. Applied Mathematics is widely used in different fields such as business, economics, engineering, industry and accounting. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

The process of using Applied Mathematics in the practical life

Applied Mathematics is used in the real world and brings some changes in the practical life for the benefit of a man. In its application in the real world, Applied Mathematics has several stages that are followed. First is the construction of a mathematical model which represents the problem to be solved in mathematical language. For example, the use of linear equations to represent an income model used in economics. The second step of using Applied Mathematics is to formulate model is used to solve using analytical and numerical techniques to get solutions. The solutions derived are then studied, analyzed and interpreted according to the original problem which is the field that is using Applied Mathematics. The interpretation is usually done in a language familiar to the user of Applied Mathematics. The model is changed to modify in order to appear more real and also include more characteristics or traits of the problem. The modeling or changing process includes false starts, adjustment and simplification of the Applied Mathematics models. Later the Applied Mathematics well formulated problems are used to develop mathematical theory and some of the mathematical skills are used to study new problems. It is advisable that users of Applied Mathematics be not only knowledgeable in the area to which math’s is applied but also should be good mathematicians.

 Practical use of Applied Mathematics

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Remedies of Breach of Contracts in Kenya

Remedies of Breach of Contracts in Kenya is said to happen when the parties are freed from their mutual obligations. It is also called termination of a contract in Kenya. Discharge of a Contract in Kenya may happen in any of the following ways.

Performance is where a contract in Kenya is said to have performed when both parties have fulfilled their end of the bargain.

Agreement may happen were parties to the contract by mutual agreement, agree to release each other.

Frustration or impossibility is where a contract in Kenya is said to be frustrated if an event occurs that brings its further fulfillment to an abrupt end. It is not done by either of the parties.

Breach is where a contract in Kenya is said to be breached when its terms are broken, when a party to the contract fails to honor their obligation.

Operation of the law may occur where there is lapse of time, death of party, substitution or bankruptcy

Lapse of time is where the law requires that a contract in Kenya be performed within a specified period of time called a period of limitation. If these time set lapses then the contract is discharged.

  • June 27th, 2016
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Kenya Business Review: Starting a Business in Kenya

Starting a Business in Kenya requires the mechanics of joining the formal economy through registration with the Central Government of Kenya which have been streamlined recently, and will be further streamlined with enactment of the Constitution. The only place formal registration may take place, however, is reportedly in Nairobi, presenting a disadvantage to small and medium enterprises located outside of the capital. While some entrepreneurs suggested that applications for registration may be submitted in Kisumu and Mombasa for transfer to the Company Registry in Nairobi, very few private sector individuals were aware of such services, and this could not be confirmed. Moreover, even though registry procedures are clearly posted and relatively straightforward, corruption persists: businesses typically find that bribes to registry officials make the process move faster.

Challenges Facing Starting a Business in Kenya

Starting a Business in Kenya is faced with various challenges which generally have a negative impact on business. They include;

  • Acquisition of a business permit,
  • Implementing institutions,
  • Business development resources,
  • Supporting Institutions,
  • Lack of Trust,
  • Entrepreneurial Culture,
  • Informal Sector,
  • Corruption